6 Easy Steps to Homeownership

Becoming a homeowner is not only an important life event, it is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make. Prior to committing to a property or even a REALTOR®, empower yourself with knowledge regarding the homebuying process. In order to assist you on your journey, we have put together a snapshot of what to expect and how to proceed when buying your new home.

  1. Pick Your REALTOR®

Every homebuyer brings a unique mix of desires, needs, and wishes when searching for their dream home. Real estate agents are oftentimes intimately familiar with their local market and offer invaluable advice when aiding buyers. Not only do real estate agents locate desirable homes and set appointments, they are also typically well-connected to other related and trustworthy professionals, such as mortgage brokers, contractors, and home inspectors. Choose an agent who has experience, knowledge, passion, and patience for an unforgettable and successful homebuying experience.

  1. Assess Your Financials with Professionals

Whether you are buying your first starter home or you are purchasing a luxe vacation house, you’ll need at least 5% of the purchase price as a down payment. Shop around for a mortgage broker in order to discover your homebuying budget. Explore multiple options to ensure you receive the best rate possible. After discovering your buying potential, sit down with your REALTOR® to discuss the next exciting steps!

  1. Create Your Must-Haves List

Examine your lifestyle and daily habits to determine your picture-perfect home. Discuss your needs and wants with your REALTOR® to ascertain a more complete profile of what you truly desire. From the architectural style to the kitchen countertops, consider all of your preferences when deciding where you will call “Home!”

  1. Searching for Your Dream Home

Based upon your list of needs and wants, your REALTOR® will diligently search for homes which match your selected criteria. Once the list is prepared, your REALTOR® will schedule showings for each property to ensure you can explore the homes before making your final decision. If none of the initial properties are suitable, your REALTOR® will continue to update you regarding new homes on the market, until you find just the right ONE.

  1. The Closing Table

After you decide on a property, your REALTOR® will submit your offer to the seller. When the seller receives the offer, they can opt to accept, counter, or reject the offer. Once the negotiations are over and the offer has been accepted, you’ll need to secure a home inspection. Post-inspection, you can request repairs be completed by the seller prior to the sale (cost may be negotiated). Visit your lender to finalize the mortgage and schedule an appointment for signing off on the new ownership (usually an attorney’s office).

  1. Celebrate!!!

Shortly after signing off on the new ownership, you will receive the keys to your new home. Celebrate your worthwhile accomplishment with a housewarming party, a night at a fancy restaurant, or take-out in your temporarily empty living room. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the happiness of homeownership.